Aug 172009

This month on Haut Tech Conversations we kick off our series of best practice shows with a look at the core feature of SaaS, Cloud and on-demand applications – Service. As we explored in our last article, we’re going to discuss how current vendors are dealing with their service offerings, what is often lacking, and what is on the part of the vendors and the industry as a whole

>>Here is the archived show as an mp3 file <<

Our guest will be Steve Plunkett, CTO of Servitizer. Steve is a technologist and innovator with eighteen years experience. He has worked with and held leadership positions in large enterprises, service providers, network operators, product manufacturers and government agencies. Specializing in solution and service innovation he has architected systems, networks and products and worked with customers, companies and partners around the world. Steve has lead initiatives within large organizations to transition from a product to a solutions and services model. He has a strong track record of identifying emerging and disruptive technology trends and harnessing them through solution and service innovation. Steve blogs for Servitizer on – what else – the Servitizer Blog. I’ve already had a talk with Steve prior to the show so I know this is going to be a great conversation.

Joining us will be our panel of industry insiders:

  • Luis Aburto , CEO of Scio Consulting– A veteran of international technology and engineering consulting for corporate and government clients in the U.S. and Latin America, Mr Aburto brings to Scio a passionate commitment to smart business planning and meticulous development processes and project management. A native of Morelia, Mexico who has traveled and lived across the globe, Mr Aburto holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a master’s in computer-aided engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland.
  • Mikael Blaisdell of Blaisdell & Associates – Mikael runs his own consultancy, Mickael Blaisdell & Associates, and writes for his Hotline Magazine and Customerium. For over 25 years, Mikael Blaisdell has been closely involved with the strategy, process, people and technology of customer relationship architecture, retention and profitability management. As a consultant, he has advised organizations across a wide range of types, locations and sizes on designing, building, re-engineering and optimizing their customer contact centers and programs to align with strategic goals. Working with technology manufacturers, he has contributed to the design of contact center products and implementation procedures. He has served on the boards of professional associations, delivered presentations on all aspects of CRM at industry gatherings, and written extensively for various print and online media.
  • Lincoln Murphy is the Founder of Sixteen Ventures and blogs on his business site. You can also find him on Twitter here and here. Lincoln Murphy brings over 15 years experience in on-demand software product development and Business Architecture, focusing exclusively on SaaS since 2004. Working with clients of all sizes, and both SaaS pure-plays and ISVs transitioning to SaaS, Lincoln helps companies recognize and execute on opportunities to generate or enhance revenue through the SaaS Business Architecture.

I know each one of our panelists and I’m sure they will bring more points of view and questions to our conversation than I can manage alone. Our show will stream live on Wednesday, August 19 at 10am CDT from our BlogTalkRadio home page and be available as a podcast shortly after. The bonus for joining us live is you get to pose questions to our guest and panelists and hear their take directly.

The show is scheduled for 10am, Central, Wednesday, August 19, 2009. You can also download the show as a podcast after airing.

I hope you will join us. And by the way, I am always looking for guest and panelist suggestions so if you have one – don’t hesitate to mention it in comments here.

In addition – we also have a webinar titled Leveraging Cloud Services, coming up with Rick Nucci – CTO & Co-Founder of Boomi, Rick Chapman, CEO of Softletter & SaaS University, and our own Luis Aburto, CEO of Scio Consulting. We will be covering the broader aspects of “integration” and why using cloud services rather than trying to build connections to both outside functionality is a key consideration for SaaS vendors. I can tell you personally as I’ve worked in the field of enterprise integration – it isn’t a simple issue. Keeping track of all of the shifting pieces can be quite a challenge for a company with a line of business focus. If being part of the broader SaaS ecosystem is on your radar, I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. Please take a few minutes and sign up for this important webinar:

Leveraging Cloud Services – Thursday, August 20, 2009 – 1pm-2pm CDT. Registration is free and open to all.

AND – Our survey of product managers is closing soon. Are you a software product manager? Would you take a few minutes to join our survey? Check the details on our blog.

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