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Pricing services – how do you do it? Is there a rational process? Can you tie it to value? Cost? Developing a price is one of trickiest parts putting a new service online. Prospective customers have to believe the value can be realized and existing customers must find the value exceeds the subscription. A monthly subscription is easier for prospects to swallow but a yearly provides a bigger hit for cash flow and maybe higher retention. Which is better in the long run?

These are just some of the issues facing services vendors in the growing SaaS and cloud services market. In our September 8th podcast on Haut Tech Conversations, we’ll address those questions with our guest, Jim Geisman of Software Pricing Partners. Jim spoke at the first SaaS Summit. His firm has focused on software pricing since 1987 and has consulted internationally on issues of software pricing and deal structuring. He has written extensively on software pricing and is a frequent speaker.

More recently, his firm has helped companies price and package their on-demand/SaaS products or helped them transition to SaaS. Jim has been a co-founder, director, or advisor to early stage companies. He sits on the Board of the Professional Pricing Society and is a co-chair of the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s SaaS Cluster.

Joining Jim on our panel will be two of our Haut Tech Irregulars (well, they were both on the first show so that makes them at least irregulars!) – Steve Plunkett of Servitizer and Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures. Steve has started a blog series about services pricing and has some products coming out in that space so I know he will have some interesting thoughts to bring to the conversation. Lincoln always has something up his sleeve so I’m sure he will add a lot to the mix as well. And we will have Justin Pirie, an experienced SaaS Product Manager and startup entrepreneur to bring his field experience and real world questions to the discussion. It is going to be a very interesting conversation – so please – JOIN US.

Our panel of Industry Insiders:

Steve Plunkett, CTO of Servitizer – Steve is a technologist and innovator with eighteen years experience. He has worked with and held leadership positions in large enterprises, service providers, network operators, product manufacturers and government agencies. Specializing in solution and service innovation he has architected systems, networks and products and worked with customers, companies and partners around the world. Steve has lead initiatives within large organizations to transition from a product to a solutions and services model. He has a strong track record of identifying emerging and disruptive technology trends and harnessing them through solution and service innovation. Steve blogs for Servitizer on – what else – the Servitizer Blog.

Lincoln Murphy is the Founder of Sixteen Ventures and blogs on his business site. You can also find him on Twitter here and here. Lincoln Murphy brings over 15 years experience in on-demand software product development and Business Architecture, focusing exclusively on SaaS since 2004. Working with clients of all sizes, and both SaaS pure-plays and ISVs transitioning to SaaS, Lincoln helps companies recognize and execute on opportunities to generate or enhance revenue through the SaaS Business Architecture.

Justin Pirie is a SaaS and Cloud product manager and marketer who has been working in subscription software for over four years. He specializes in working closely with companies to create successful SaaS products using the latest techniques and industry best practice. He is based in the UK but has recently returned from consulting in the US for a VC-funded SaaS startup. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Haut Tech Conversations played live on Blog Talk Radio – September 8th, 2009. If you missed the live show, an MP3 is available to download and play at your leisure. We will also write up the major points of the conversation here on the blog and follow the conversation as it moves out across social media.

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